22. February 2016


ConfluentiaBus is a new visualization software for the KNX®-bus. Very easy to setup and with a big bunch of features for professional installations. The new concept with predefined control-types, automations with logical assignments and database-oriented configuration and eventlogging open up new possibilities for your home automation.

What is the difference to other visualization software?

    • Not bundled with hardware
    • ConfluentiaBus is running on Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Mac OS X (10.7 or greater) and the free operating system Linux
    • Clients for Android Smartphones or Tablets
    • New concept for a quick start – nevertheless all properties can be deeply configured
    • Database oriented
    • More than one connections to your KNX®-IP-interface (you can program your system without stopping the visualization)

and much more

3 months free test period of the fullversion !

Here you can download ConfluentiaBus.





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Hydra is the communication engine of ConfluentiaBus. This software can also be used as standalone product to enable multiple tunnel connections of clients connecting to an KNX®-IP-interface. Additionally you can control 1-Wire®-devices over the KNX®-Bus.

Test the free version of Hydra!
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Knonx is an Android-App to send an “on” or “off” to a predefined groupaddress. This command is executed at once, when the app is started, so you are able to send a command very fast via smartphone or tablet.

When Knonx is not already configured or there is no connections to your KNX®-IP-interface, the app opens the settings dialog, where you can configure the groupaddress, the command and some other stuff. Tip: If you want to reconfigure Knonx, just set your smartphone to offline mode.

Your Knonx-link to the playstore.