25. February 2016


ConfluentiaBus is the new all-in-one software for visualization of home automations based on EIB/KNX®. Easy to install and quickly to configure!Installation is done by a few clicks. The configuration can be done automatically by importing the grouaddresses – or manually by interaction.

You only have to specify the function of the groupaddress and the symbols are ready to be placed freely on your visualization page.

Insert a picture of your ground plot as background to the page! Enable monitoring with the built-in busmonitor or create new statistics.

ConfluentiaBus has an own communication engine “Hydra” to manage multiple connections to one IP-interface. That means you can use multiple clients connecting to one IP-interface using the EIB/KNX®-tunnel-protocol.

The application is fully database oriented und uses an own connection-pooling.

Many built in features:

  • Master- and slave-mode: One server instance (Visualization and Control), multiple client instances (Visualization only)
  • Supports Linux, Apple Macintosh (Mac OS X) and Windows, also client-versions for Android smartphones or tablets available
  • 34 predefined control-types (lights, dimmer, blinds, windows, plugs, garage-doors, heating, …)
  • userdefined control-types
  • Heating automation (e.g. a heating will only be unlocked when all windows of a room are closed)
  • Mediacenter with DLNA support
  • Alarmdevice with different alarm-modes
  • Good-Night automation
  • Own concept for authorization and authentification
  • Motiondetector with automatic videorecording of observation-cameras
  • Audioplayer
  • Electricity meter and counter
  • Wipeprotection for touchpanels
  • Own cron-job to start groupwrites on groupaddresses, sequences, external programs etc.
  • Presence-/absence-automation
  • Holidaysimulation as a real simulation based on database oriented eventhandling
  • Statistics (diagrams with multiple axis, pie diagram, line diagram, consumption statistics, …)
  • Integration of 1-Wire®-devices into your EIB/KNX®-installation
  • Shoppinglist
  • … and much more