ConfluentiaBus Preview available!

Update: The new official version is online:
Download Windows-Version
Download Linux-Version

    We are proud to announce the availability of our visualization software (preview).

    This preview is only available in full-version.

    Please notice the following informations:

  1. This installation installs a fullversion and cannot be used to upgrade an existing system.
  2. We are using skins in css-format to change the presentation of the icons and symbols. So the configuration of the background (gradient colors / brushed metal) has become obsolete.
  3. All elements can be changed by editing the css-file (confluentiabus.css in the css folder).
  4. There are maximal only two different y-axis allowed in line diagrams.

    Installation requirements:
    Java 8 or higher
    More CPU-power than before: We recommend a J1900 or a Q1900 board. An old raspberry PI does not work. At least it should be a PI 2.

    Additional Features:
    New mediacenter
    Shoppinglist with automatically generated pictures
    ETS5 compability of the KNX engine

Download Windows-Version
Download Linux-Version

If you use a smartphone to connect to your installation, you will need an android client with the new databaseversion. These clients are downloadable under the following links:

Download ConfluentiaBus Android Client
Download Android Shoppinglist

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